Hearing Aid Accessories

Photo of Surflink aids and accessories


Accessories, or Assistive Listening Devices, are gadgets that connect to your hearing aids to further improve your listening experience. 

They include items such as a remote control, TV connector, and remote microphone.

Our top 3 packages all include a choice of devices to help you make the most of your new system, additional items can be purchased directly from us. Please ask for further details. 


Remote Control

A pocket sized remote will allow you to make volume adjustments on the go and to mute the hearing aids if desired.


TV Connector

This small box connects to your TV and sends sound directly to the hearing aids.  Your partner can listen at a volume which is comfortable to them and if you both wear hearing aids, you can both connect to the same box!

Remote Microphone

A small device designed to help with listening in noisy environments. The microphone will pick up speech from the wearer and send it to the hearing aids of the listener so is very helpful in cars, or restaurants for example where background noise is a bother.