At Ash Hearing, we take the care of our clients and staff seriously and will only operate in a safe and appropriate manner during this difficult time.

Audiology is defined as an essential service and as such we are able to treat clients suffering from hearing problems as long as suitable procedures are followed.

We have based our practice on the joint guidance issued by BSHAA BAA AIHHP and BSA  and will review it constantly to ensure we are working safely and efficiently.

Where at all possible we will assist you remotely, giving advice or talking through issues, but of course much of what we do can only be done in person and close up. We have detailed below the measures in place to ensure that we can work and assist you safely.




We are only able to see clients by appointment at the moment so please do call or email to make a booking.

We will take your contact details (including an email address if possible) over the phone, and we will need to ask some questions about your recent health.

Only clients who do not have any symptoms of COVID-19, and whose household is also clear, can make appointments.

We may send you a consent form to sign and bring along with you if possible.




Please arrive on time for your appointment. The clinic is no longer able to accommodate a waiting area so if you are early, please wait in your car or outside. Late arrivals may not be able to be accommodated unfortunately.

Only one person may enter the clinic at a time unless you need to be accompanied for medical or safeguarding reasons. In this case, it should be a member of your household who attends with you.

Please ring the doorbell on the front door, or telephone us from your car to let us know you have arrived. You will be asked to enter when the clinic is ready.




When you enter the clinic you will be invited to clean your hands with alcohol gel or soap and water if preferred. Please avoid touching surfaces eg doorframes, desks, handles where possible. Please follow any instructions given by staff.

We will complete some paperwork at a distance of at least 2m and discuss your treatment before proceeding.

Before treatment, the audiologist will don the appropriate PPE (depending on the treatment) and you will be asked to wear a suitable face mask (we can supply on if you have forgotten yours). This is to protect you and us whilst we are working in close proximity.

We fully understand the difficulties of hearing when the speaker wears a mask and will make every accommodation to aid communication. 

Any procedures that need to be completed at a distance of less than 2m will be undertaken all at one time.

Once treatment is complete, you will be asked to return to the consultation area and wait for the audiologist whilst they remove their PPE.




Payment by card is preferred please. We can also accept bank transfer or payment by phone in advance of the appointment.




You will be invited to clean your hands again before leaving, and we will dispose of any face masks etc that you have used.

The clinic and all equipment will be cleaned and disinfected before the next client arrives.