Here are a few questions that come up regularly. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please get in touch.

A hearing test costs £30; this covers our time and equipment used. If you continue to purchase a hearing aid from us, the cost will  be deducted from your final bill.  

Wax removal is £80 for the appointment time, whether one or two ears are treated. We do not offer a ‘single ear only’ price because our ear care professionals have a duty to take the time to assess the health of both of your ears – and, if necessary, to clean them both. It is also the case that both ears tend to produce wax at the same rate even if only one ear feels blocked.

No, you do not need a referral from your GP to have your ear wax removed. We will ask you a comprehensive history to ensure that ear wax removal can be performed safely.

Our main method is microsuction. This is where a small tube is inserted gently into the ear and the wax is ‘vacuumed’ out.  We can also offer irrigation, where warm water is introduced into the ear at low pressure using a Propulse machine. The wax is washed out. This is not suitable if infection is present or suspected, or for people who have had surgery on their ears.

We allow 45 minutes for appointments but it is often done much quicker.

Our qualified Audiologists will uncover the extent of your tinnitus and complete a full medical history. A hearing test will most probably be conducted at the same time.
Treatment can be with the help of hearing aids, using tinnitus cancelling technology or by counselling. 

We have a whole range of hearing aids and different price structures. A discussion with our audiologists will determine your individual need and suitability of the aids.  Prices will vary depending on which package you agree on.  Essentially, hearing aids are tiny computers, working constantly to analyse sounds and clean them up to make them easier for the wearer to hear.  There is a lot of technology inside a very small case which is constantly being updated with new research and development.

At Ash Hearing we only supply the most up to date technology and will never try to sell old models. This means that the hearing aids we supply will have the most up to date processing of sound available to you; they will have had lots of research applied to the development of them to help deal with the sounds of the world we live in.
Naturally the NHS budget is limited, they can only supply a lower level of technology and it may be several years behind what is actually available.

When the hearing loss is similar in both ears we would always recommend wearing a pair of hearing aids. This allows the brain to receive sound in a balanced way and helps with the location of sounds like traffic noise and speech. However, the customer has control at Ash Hearing, and if you wish to only wear one aid, we would support you in that.

No, wearing a hearing aid keeps the brain active and helps it understand more of what the wearer wants to hear.

Yes, we can offer an after-hours appointment.  We are also open on a Saturday by appointment.

Yes, we can provide ear plugs for musicians, swimming, sleeping or those working in noisy environments.  We will arrange an appointment where an ear impression is taken to create bespoke ear plugs that fit properly. Please contact us for more details on pricing and options.

Yes, our Audiologists can arrange for a 45-day trial.

We have prepared our clinic and staff so that we are still able to treat those who do not have symptoms. A full description of our working method can be found here: