Eleanor Cadman

Eleanor Cadman MSc RHAD MSHAA

Senior Audiologist

After initially training as a Biomedical scientist, Eleanor felt her science skills would be put to better use in a clinical setting. Eleanor had been studying British Sign Language at night school and felt Audiology was the direction to go. Eleanor studied a Masters in Audiology at Southampton University in 2005 and completed her clinical training at Swansea NHS Trust. Eleanor has now completed more than ten years NHS work as a specialist Audiologist; undertaking complex audiology work including children's hearing assessments, fitting hearing aids to complex cases and undertaking balance assessments and rehabilitation. Eleanor has excellent experience with a range of digital aids and hearing aid fitting techniques. Eleanor also has first hand experience of tinnitus and hearing loss, so is able to offer excellent advice on devices which will assist you in your daily life.

Outside of work, Ellie puts her time to good use raising money for local charities through the Ladies Circle, and spends time with her young family.