Catherine Steed

Catherine Steed BA Hons

Asst. Audiologist & Practice Manager

Catherine is our Assistant Audiologist and also our Practice Manager.

She started her career in audiology by training as a Hearing Care Assistant at Aston University in 2016 and has been working in private clinics since then. Catherine has a wide range of experience of hearing aids and accessories from a selection of manufacturers, and so is well placed to advise on solutions to make life easier. She can also assist with repairs and technical questions and give advice on the maintenance and wearing of hearing devices.

Catherine is also trained in clinical wax removal (micro-suction and irrigation) and so can treat customers with troublesome wax build up.  Catherine is registered with BSHAA as an HCA.

When not assisting clients with their audiological needs, Catherine is busy running the practice and managing the team to ensure a warm, welcoming and customer focused approach for all our clients.

Outside of work, sport is Catherine’s main interest and she is always looking for a new challenge!