Veterans Hearing Fund

Veterans may be eligible for hearing funding

The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) provides support to veterans who acquired hearing loss during Service. VHF may fund hearing aids, peripherals or therapies (e.g. lip reading). The Veterans Hearing Fund is Government funded and run by The Royal British Legion.

The process is quite straightforward: In order for The Royal British Legion to determine whether hearing loss was acquired during Service, veterans who would like to apply to the programme must submit one of the following as documented evidence that their hearing loss was acquired during Service (or inform them that they no longer have documented evidence if this is the case):

War pension AFCS award for hearing loss.
Lump sum payment for hearing loss.
Applied for compensation for your hearing loss.
Provided hearing aids by the MOD.
Have service medical records that show hearing loss.

Further details of the Veterans Hearing Fund, eligibility criteria and the application process can be found on The Royal British Legion web site. Royal British Legion

Ash Hearing is happy to guide customers through the application process. Once the eligibility application has been approved, you will be sent a 2nd stage application form. The 2nd stage form needs to be brought to Ash Hearing. You will have your hearing assessed by our senior audiologist Eleanor Cadman – she will agree with you what equipment or treatments would help improve your quality of life and submit the Stage 2 form on your behalf. If the application is approved, we will arrange for you to come and get your hearing aids fitted. All hearing aids come with a trial period, so that any adjustments and fine tuning can be carried out and so that you and your audiologist can be sure that you are hearing as well as you can. Following on from the fitting, we recommend you come and see us at least yearly, or more often should you need, to ensure that you get the most out of your hearing aids. If you would like any further information, feel free to contact us.